Client Testimonials

What our customers say about us?


“We have been working with profiq since 2012. One of the keys to our long term success has been establishing a relationship of total trust and an honest feedback loop in both directions. It has also been critical to our engineering teams that profiq’s engineers are integrated into the team and development processes as if they were full time employees. I feel they are truly motivated and enjoy their work with little to no turnover.”

Jamie Nelson, Senior Vice President of Engineering


“I have been working with profiq since 2010. I have consistently been impressed with their professionalism, attention to detail and flexibility. They are experts in software testing and automation and make my job very easy. I find that I no longer have to worry about details, as they know exactly what to do. We have recently moved from having profiq test one of our products, to giving them all of our QA. Best decision I ever made.”

Patricia Hill, Senior Director, Engineering Operations and Support


“We’ve been really happy with how flexible profiq is regarding our changing test needs. From manual testing to automated test development, profiq has been a great partner.”

Carsten Puls, Chief Product Officer


“profiq brought us much more value than we originally expected. Besides showing us new ways to address the most complex issues in our software QE/QA operations, they encouraged the improvement mind-set of our software engineering workforce. Both are key to success of our ever growing and ever changing business. I highly recommend profiq for software quality consulting and testing.”

Bill Platt, Senior VP of Engineering & Support

T-Mobile CZ

“profiq sucessfully managed to test our home location register migration project (business-critical-sub-system for GSM networks). They coordinated all testing efforts, carried out by internal test teams and external vendors, delivered valuable reports to senior management and secured the timely delivery of the new system, which was delivered to production with no major errors, while keeping testing costs under control. Partnering with profiq was a very rewarding experience.”

Jakub Klouda, Senior Program Manager