Full-stack JavaScript developer

We are looking for JavaScript Developer for new amazing project!

Full-stack JavaScript developer

Are you looking for a company that offers international projects and travel to foreign countries? Do you want to use English at work? Want to work with geeks who will share their knowledge with you?

Maybe you dream about trying out different technologies, because you’ve just finished school and you’re trying to figure out what’s right for you. Or maybe you’re a seasoned expert who wants to work in a Czech company in which bureaucratic procedures are as distant as sobriety is for Bender from Futurama.

We’re profiq and we specialize in tech development and testing, from platforms, frameworks, and applications at the front end to back and and developer tools.
Next year we celebrate 10 years, we have customers around the world, and we’re currently working on 12 projects – from Ostrava, Novy Jicin, Prague, and Martin (SK) – with more coming. The majority are from Americans, some straight out of Silicon Valley.

And right now we’d like someone who knows JavaScript – React, Angular, Node.js…who can strengthen our team and be preparedto jump into a new project.

Send us your resume, a link to your LinkedIn, or an example of your work if…

Don’t have work experience yet? No problem! Since we’re building out a bigger team, there are positions appropriate for both experienced and beginner software engineers. Those with more experience can help lead and teach colleagues with less experience, and our senior developers will look after those without experience.


How we work and what we work on…

We collaborate with universities, we hold our our hackathon, and we co-host MovingFast meetups – this gives us the best overview of technologies for continuous innovation. We use SCRUM to plan our work, so we have time left over for family and free time pursuits. When we need to focus, we put on our headphones, turn on our favorite music, and we get it done. But we also like to be together, so we can help each other out and celebrate together. We always know who’s currently working on what.

If you’re into bowling, soccer, fitness…you’ll fit right in. And if sports aren’t your thing, there’s always virtual reality. These are all opportunities you can (but aren’t required to) take advantage of.


We know how to value good work

We appreciate our people and you can see it in how we pay them – we divide 25% of the company’s profit amongst you.
We’ll talk very specifically about compensation details, but we’ll do that in person. We take things like performance, experience, independence, and approach into account when differentiating from person to person.
The same goes for benefits. We’ll talk about what’s important to you.

These things are a given…

Come and help us to bring tech innovations to life! Contact us anytime at jobs@profiq.com.

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