JavaScript Developer – Big Data project

Push your development capabilities to the max develop an easy-to-use user interface.

Our colleague Gabor highlighted, why you should continue reading:

  1. You will be at the birth of a front-end application with a worldwide impact.
  2. You will develop a data analytics platform used by tens of thousands of customers.
  3. These terms catch your attention: React, REST API, Big Data.
  4. Relaxed workplace, relationships on a first-name basis and a non-corporate environment await you.
  5. Not sure? Get in touch. We have other projects and we are interested in long-term cooperation.

About the project
We believe that enterprise data analysis can be made available to all businesses regardless of size by
providing it as a freemium service. We need not only a new user-friendly user interface but also new
tools. And that is the challenge.

What will you do

What you should know/be able to do

What will please you / What can we offer

What we have achieved

We deliver agile software services to growing and medium-sized innovative companies in Silicon Valley, Utah, Colorado, but also in Europe, and our solutions are used by customers across sectors worldwide:

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