Engineering services for agile software houses

Innovation to life

We believe that software should support people’s life and make it more enjoyable, not more difficult and miserable. We work with innovative ideas and we would like these ideas to become great, real world products. Engineers often think about producing software that is technically great. We go a step further. We want to make it a fit for real use.


The company was originally founded to deliver first-class software testing and quality assurance services. We added software development and sustaining to the portfolio over the years, which made our commitment to quality even stronger. profiq is an international company primarily serving customers in the Silicon Valley from the Czech Republic.

A piece of Silicon Valley…

…in the Czech Republic

The Czech Republic, which joined the European Union in 2004, is recognized as the optimal business environment from which to better serve international customers. This is a consequence of several factors the most notable being the sustained enhancements to the business environment by the Czech Government and the ability of the country’s pre-eminent natural resource, intellectual capital, to respond to the needs of knowledge-based and innovation-driven businesses. Read more…