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What Is It Like Working at profiq?

Local & global impact

profiq is active in and supports the communities in which we live and work, locally and globally. We give back and are involved in the Czech Republic and the U. S. The products that we collaborate on developing are being used by customers across different sectors around the world.

profiq Projects Impact The World

The work you do with profiq bringing innovation to life is meaningful and makes a real difference. The software we develop and test has a global impact: from Avast, the world’s most popular internet security software, with more than 400 million global users, to ForgeRock's identity management solutions, that help Toyota secure their vehicles, support the BBC, and even universities around the world.

Technical Research

We actively invest in technical research, and encourage our team members to share their research, and review new and emerging software and technologies on our profiq blog.

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MovingFast Meetup and MovingFast Podcasts

profiq founded and hosts one of the fastest growing tech events in the Czech Republic, as well as another in the U. S., where experts share their experiences with rapid development technologies.

We also interview top, global technical leaders on our MovingFast Podcasts. Experts share their thoughts on how to stay ahead of technology trends.

Hackevents — In recent years, profiq has co-organized a series of hackathons for the students of the Technical University of Ostrava. We proposed the hackathon topic, provided a mentor, refreshments for participants, and the main prize.

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Our Values


We can only do a great job if we work well together. Mutual trust and support, both among people within the company and between us and our clients, is essential for us.


We live technologies, we have them in our blood. We are continuously improving the level of our proficiency, as it helps us deliver high quality results and provide first-class solutions.


We are enthusiastic about our work. Inner passion drives us forward, gives us energy and creative freedom. Passion ensures that we sustain a high level of commitment to what we do.


Quality is a natural product of our work. We actively and constructively strive to achieve the best possible results that meet the requirements of our customers.


Fairness is our basic stance. We are honest with our clients as well as with ourselves, even in difficult situations. It gives us the moral strength and joy to achieve our goals.


We are curious and inventive. It comes natural to us to go the extra mile and come up with elegant solutions. People around us can feel the fresh breeze of inspiration and new ideas.


We think beyond our customer’s requirements and aim beyond their expectations. We like to look at the world with a wholistic approach. We believe it’s important to see things in the wider context, so that we know why we're doing our work, what impact we make, and value we bring.

How We Hire and Build Top QA and
Software Engineering Teams

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profiq is on a mission to bring tech innovation to life through software engineering leadership, software development, and quality assurance services from Central Europe, to Agile software companies in Silicon Valley, Colorado, and Utah.

Since 2010, profiq has successfully built complete software products and core technologies, including platforms, frameworks, server-side applications, and developer tools for such premiere clients as Avast, Liferay, ForgeRock, Divvy, and Sencha.

Does this sound like you?

You’re a self-motivated software engineer who has mastered one or more programming languages. You are flexible enough to apply them on multiple platforms.

You are eager to learn new technologies, and learn them quickly.

You enjoy working with diverse cultures, technologies, and tasks.

You want to see the big picture, and like investigating how things work, in addition to understanding what they do.

You are a continuous improver who doesn’t expect software
to be perfect. You are curious, and like exploring and improving its qualities.

If this is you, we'd like to hear from you.

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Student pool

Are you a junior developer? Apply for our Student Pool for Technical University of Ostrava students

  • 3 month paid internship at our Ostrava office on the Technical University of Ostrava campus
  • Work on real projects with an international impact.
  • Post-internship support for your bachelor or master's thesis.
  • Successful internships often lead to full-time employment.
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Perks and Benefits

At profiq, we strive to create a productive work environment where people feel good about their work and share their successes. Join us, we’re looking forward to having you as a part of our team.

Sharing Our Success

Every quarter, profiq shares 25% of its revenues with its employees


Wherever you are in your career, there's a place for you at profiq. Professional growth and development opportunities include:

On the job training and mentoring

Opportunities to grow and progress within the company

Attend conferences and presentations

Free English lessons

Work-Life Balance

Flexible working hours

5 weeks of vacation

Paid sick days

Work from home

Support for community engagement and sports

Shared Company Car-Need to get away for the weekend? Take our company car!

Travel Opportunities

Frequent travel to the E.U. and the U.S.

50% of our employees travel within the E.U. and the U.S. yearly.

Work locally with clients from around the world

Attend meetings digitally and in person


We’d love to hear from you. Please reach out to meet so we can find the perfect role for you.