Empowering Your Growth Through
Expert Engineering Services

Whether you are a rapid growth company that needs

to innovate continuously, or a stable company intent on steady

and gradual growth, there are times when you need an expert

engineering partner. Our team can help you succeed.


When you partner with profiq, your engineering practices, processes, and requirements are treated like our own.

As an organic part of your business, we quickly learn your needs, workflows, and objectives, adding immediate and long-term value. Customers who partner with profiq will see increased quality, accelerated development cycles, and lower ongoing costs.

Our Approach

Our technical approach is based on three cornerstones:

Continuous Integration

Continuous integration in Agile environments enables the process of integrating, building, and testing code frequently. As a result, issues can be addressed earlier and fixed in shorter increments and time frames. This leads to higher quality code, expedited development time, accelerated time to market, and more satisfied customers.

Automated Deployment

With hundreds of places to deploy software, manual deployment is prone to errors. Automating streamlines the long and involved processes of configuring and installing a product. Engineers can focus on other important tasks, such as testing builds in multiple environments, and reviewing current and past builds to identify potential issues.

Automated Testing

40 % of most IT budgets are allocated to QA and testing. In addition to being expensive, these complex processes require a great deal of developer time and effort. With automated testing, repetitive and manual tasks are expedited, and produce reliable results.

Our Focus

Full Stack Software Development

Our strengths are in developing multi-platform, client-server applications and frameworks that require attention to security, performance, and other system-level qualities.

As continuous learners, we are fluent in modern, industry-leading languages, such as Java, Python, and Elixir on the server side, and with JavaScript and React on the client side.

Please talk to us if your preferred software methodology isn’t listed.

Software QA + Test Automation

Proficient in all aspects of testing, including functional and system-level testing, performance testing, integration testing, and security testing, we excel at deploying, troubleshooting, identifying root causes, suggesting workarounds and solutions, and automating the entire process. This yields higher quality products that are ready to deliver faster and at a lower cost.

Is it time for you to switch from manual to automated testing?

Software Development

Backend DevelopmentJava • Python • Elixir • C# • C++
Front EndJavaScript • React • ExtJS


ContainerizationDocker • Kubernetes
VirtualizationVMware • VirtualBox • Xen
CloudAWS • Google Cloud • Azure • SauceLabs • BrowserStack
Mobile PlatformsAndroid • iOS
Source ControlGit
Issue TrackingJira • YouTrack • Asana • GitLabs
Continuous Integration ToolsJenkins • TeamCity • Bitrise • GitLab CI • Cloud Build

Quality Assurance & Test Automation

Web AppsSelenium
Mobile AppsAppium • Cucumber/Calabash • KIF
PerformanceGatling • JMeter
OthersRobot, LDPT • JUnit • TestNG • Mocha • STAF-STAX • SenchaTest • Siesta
Programming LanguagesPython • Java • JavaScript • Ruby • Bash
Test Management ToolsTestRail • TestLink
Learn more about how we’re test driving emerging technologies such as IAM, VR, IoT, GPU Databases, Blockchain, AI, and many others.

“Software engineering is not just a job
for us — it’s a calling.— Rasta, Strategic Advisor, Co-owner

Our Engagement Model —A Team That Works For You

You can begin your engagement with us quickly. Start with

one engineer, then build a whole team of specialists over time.

Tell us what you need and we will help you create a team that

works for you.

As an example: For one of our premier clients, ForgeRock, we began with two engineers. We now have many teams of QA engineers and software developers working on several products.

“Our team configurations are as
unique as our clients’ needs.
— Gabor, Co-founder, Strategic Advisor

Starting With Us Is Easy

Trial Period

Find out why customers like Liferay, ForgeRock, and Avast trust us to bring their innovation to life. We offer a 40 hour trial period to test working together. Typical trial engagements include test execution or migrating a JS app to Electron.