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“Our team configurations are as unique as our clients' needs.“

Jiří Manda, CEO

Jiri Manda

CEO, profiq


Usual questions CTOs ask themselves when considering partnership with profiq.

Why should I hire a profiq engineer instead of an independent contractor?

profiq is a highly skilled team of 60 software engineers who can work together to solve complex tasks in many areas of software development. One engineer may be great at TypeScript, while another is a DevOps expert. Hire one engineer and gain access to 60 brilliant minds. At profiq, we're a team, and we don't let our colleagues struggle when we can help.

What makes profiq stand out from the crowd of other SW vendors?

profiq values transparency, trust, and long-term relationships. Our clients always know who is on their team and what they are paying for. Nothing happens without their consent. We are happy to provide references from one of our international clients who have years of experience working with us. Or simply checkout the reviews on

How profiq ensures long lasting continuity of the service delivery?

profiq is a highly skilled and very stable team of 60+ software engineers with an extremely low attrition rate. However, even at profiq, it can happen that someone leaves. Should a team member leave, we guarantee a seamless transition with a qualified replacement, ensuring continuity and stability in service delivery. These transitions are managed and planned well in advance to avoid any disruption.

Where is profiq incorporated as a legal entity?

profiq Inc. is legally incorporated in the United States as a Delaware corporation, while profiq s.r.o. operates within the European Union, specifically in the Czech Republic.

In relation to IP right protection - are the customers IP rights protected with agreements made under U.S. legal jurisdiction?

Service agreements made with profiq Inc., governed by U.S. legal jurisdiction, ensure that intellectual property (IP) rights protection is fully covered under U.S. law.