We provide best-in-class engineering services including software testing, development and sustaining.


A wealth of QA experience, technical skills in troubleshooting and automation make us unique in the area of Software Testing. We bring the right information on software product quality to stakeholders at all levels of the organisation, spanning the entire software development life cycle. We are proactive in adapting to specific requirements when needed, as well as identifying root causes rather just than reporting symptoms.


We aim to develop server-side technology and frameworks, complementing them with client-side development in browser, web and mobile platforms. We design, program, unit test and document the software that we develop. We play well with agile teams and apply the highest standards of quality in engineering work that we have mastered over the years.


Sustaining Engineering services cover both Development and QA aspects of the software sustaining lifecycle. Our Sustaining Engineering teams continually improve the product based on requirements and defects reported by customers.

Why engage with us?

We are a resource on the customer’s side, rather than a separate external consultant. We understand and address the unique requirements of each of our customers individually. Our highly skilled and motivated staff make us adaptable to the ever changing, dynamic business conditions.

Engagement Model

You can begin your engagement with us quickly on a small scale, while developing your project step by step. Start with one engineer through a complimentary trial, then build a whole team of individual contributors incrementally and let us develop it to a full service including management over time.

Complimentary Trial (40h)

The 40 hours complimentary trial gives you access to our professionals before making a decision on whether or not to purchase our services. You can start your project immediately, keeping risk under control and extending your team as you go.

40 HOURS Complimentary TRIAL
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