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7 good reasons why outsource in the Czech Republic

The Czech Republic has emerged as one of Europe's top locations for global sourcing of IT services.

1. An Outsourcing and Innovation Hub

The Czech Republic has been a choice for both direct investment and outsourcing for dozens of world-leading companies in a diverse range of sectors – the choice, that is to say, of Google, Microsoft, Oracle, IBM, CA, RedHat to name but a few. Why not add your company’s name to that illustrious list?

2. Why?

With a highly educated, motivated and cost-effective workforce, a prime location at the heart of Europe, and a fine track record of research and development innovation, it is no wonder the Czech Republic has proven attractive to so many world-leading names.

3. Location

As a gateway to western and eastern markets, with high speed railways and three international airports, the Czech Republic boasts an enviable and favourable position in Central Europe – and has the infrastructure in place to take full advantage of it.

4. An Educated Workforce

The Czech Republic boasts a long tradition of academic excellence, stretching back to 1348, when the first university in Central/Eastern Europe was established (Prague’s Charles University). Today, the graduation rate at all levels of education in the Czech Republic is very high relative to world standards – and in 2008, more than 30,000 students graduated here in the economic, financial, law and ICT fields.

5. Labor Costs

As well as being the home of a highly skilled and motivated workforce, the Czech Republic offers highly competitive labor costs. Czech professionals are creative, culturally aware and highly incentivized to get the job done on time. A strong commitment to professional development is deeply embedded within Czech business culture and, on top of these attractive features, the Czech labor market is afforded handsome financial support in the form of EU funding.

6. Excellence in Innovation

Did you know that Czech scientists have been responsible for some of the most groundbreaking and important discoveries of modern times, including contact lenses and anti-HIV drugs? Or that internationally recognized IT brands such as avast!, AVG and Socialbakers have their roots in the Czech Republic? Creativity and innovation are as much hallmarks of the Czech workforce as are professionalism, motivation and a strong work ethic.

7. A Great Place to Do Business

The Czech Republic has been an EU member state since 2004, and was given a credit rating of AA- by Standard and Poors in 2011. The corporate income tax rate stands at 19%, and business in the country is energized by handsome state incentives, including cash grants of up to 75 million US dollars, corporate tax relief for up to ten years, job creation grants and training and retraining grants. So what are you waiting for?

Source: CzechInvest (Investment and Business Development Agency of the Czech Republic) and Clutch (research firm).