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This blog is intended for software system engineers, architects and managers or people generally interested in development, testing and integration of software systems. It is part of profiq’s community effort that has the objective of sharing knowledge and ideas about software system integration, testing and development. In addition to this technical content, we share updates about life at profiq.


Deploying and Scaling Elixir Apps: Heroku vs

Phoenix is a popular Elixir web framework for building scalable, high-performance web applications. If you are building a large-scale Phoenix-based application platform, then you would most likely have a DevOps person or a DevOps team to deploy it in GCP or AWS with a Kubernetes orchestration engine. If you’re developing your app on your own or within a small team of developers, however, such cloud platforms and tools are unnecessarily sophisticated and complex for your needs. In this article, we will explore and compare two platforms that make the daunting…

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Over the past ten years DevOps has become the standard for software engineering. DevOps introduced processes of automation that make software development and QA effective and accessible not just for large engineering teams, but startups, as well. However, like all new technologies, DevOps has changed quickly over the past decade. In this episode of the MovingFast Tech Podcast, Martin Prokeš shares his experiences with DevOps over time, including: How do we define modern DevOps? What are the latest tools and concepts? Where can developers find the best resources to stay…

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