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This blog is intended for software system engineers, architects and managers or people generally interested in development, testing and integration of software systems. It is part of profiq’s community effort that has the objective of sharing knowledge and ideas about software system integration, testing and development. In addition to this technical content, we share updates about life at profiq.


Creating a Chatbot-Based Reservation System with Pandorabots

If you’ve ever shopped online, created a playlist with Spotify, or tried to learn a new language with Duolingo, or chatted on WhatsApp, you’ve interacted with a chatbot. In addition to being used by industries as wide ranging as news sites, retail, and real estate, chatbots have also become quite popular. According to a recent survey by Forbes, 62% of consumers in the U.S. like using chatbots.  Given the prevalence of chatbots and our love of technology, we decided to create a bot-based system, using natural language processing (NLP) to…

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