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On a warm sunny day of March 19th there was a scent of anticipation at the office. We held an Open Day at profiq. Everybody was getting ready for the afternoon guests. How many will come? Will they be interested in our work? Will they enjoy chatting with us? Are we going to show and explain our work clearly? Those were some of the questions going through our minds.

First visitor came around 4 pm and got into a friendly chat with our technical director Rasta. The others followed. There were couple of students from the job fair Kariera + that we attended previously. There were some friends of our colleagues, some girlfriends and even parents 🙂 Altogether around 20 guests. Everybody was welcome!

They all were offered a drink and some homemade refreshments and were showed around the office. They fondly stopped by the profiq guys who went on explaining the gist of their work e.g. how the automatic tests run on desktop devices, web browsers and different mobile devices – phones, tablets and other IT gadgets – all the stuff we do for Silicon Valley.

All in all it was a nice afternoon. People got the information they came for in the first place. Most of them were engaged in a friendly chat for almost an hour. They could experience the atmosphere we are working in, have some food and drinks and take a part in a game of darts if they wanted. Some of them contacted us later to discuss the possibility of working at profiq.

We might do something like this again, possibly in September, as we would like students, fresh graduates and senior IT specialists to be able to have a look at a friendly and inspiring place to work. So if you feel you would like to have a peak at what we do as well, please contact me on [email protected] or just come around…

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