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This blog is intended for software system engineers, architects and managers or people generally interested in development, testing and integration of software systems. It is part of profiq’s community effort that has the objective of sharing knowledge and ideas about software system integration, testing and development. In addition to this technical content, we share updates about life at profiq.


AI and AI-powered development have become incredibly hot topics in the technology industry. The potential of AI to revolutionize various fields is widely acknowledged, and while impressive, is still being developed. Researchers, developers, and organizations are actively exploring new ways to use AI. In this dynamic landscape, we at profiq are constantly seeking out and experimenting with new libraries, plugins, and tools that leverage AI. These resources aim to enhance productivity, automate repetitive tasks, and unlock new possibilities in software development. One such resource is GitHub Copilot (Copilot). Copilot is…

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Petr Večeřa, a software engineer at profiq specializing in test engineering, shares his thoughts on his role as a technical QA and test engineer. Petr started at profiq three years ago in the Tech Research position where his task was to develop a prototype of test automation for a company from Silicon Valley. Now he is in charge of one of the QA teams and he is responsible for several products. Q: Your position is called a Software Engineer but its goal is testing – how does it go together?…

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Welcome to the first of our series of videocasts (a podcast with video content) where we talk about a variety of topics including trends in agile software development, QA, how to hire and develop skilled software developers, and life at profiq. In this videocast, Gabor Puhalla, profiq’s co-founder and CEO talks about how profiq builds technically skilled QA teams, what qualities make great QA engineers, where profiq finds highly skilled QA engineers, how to develop young talent, and how profiq keeps talented software developers engaged with our clients over the…

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As part of my daily activities during automated test development for our Ext JS 6.5 web applications, I usually need to verify that newly developed test can be run on various platforms. Those platforms are various web browsers running on all sort of devices such as desktop, tablets or smartphones. To manage automated test execution I have been using Sencha Test from Sencha for last couple of months. I rely on Sencha Test ability to execute tests on multiple platforms in parallel as well as it’s ability to give me…

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Profiq’s co-founder and CEO, Gabor Puhalla, recently published an article on LinkedIn to offer his personal insights on how Agile software companies could benefit from hiring outside engineering teams. Gabor explores the key considerations in his post, "Could Agile Software Companies Benefit From Hiring An International Software Engineering Team? Consider The Pros And Cons”. Gabor shares how highly skilled remote engineers benefit in-house teams and can be a great option for speeding up development, filling hiring gaps in highly competitive markets, provide longevity, and support long-term, complex projects. You can…

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Knowing your subject

This article follows-up with the series of  articles about tackling test complexity, adding a view on the importance of product knowledge, when coping with the complexity of testing. Let's assume that you understand already, who your customers are;) I managed testing of a large integrated suite of software products on one of my past projects. Each product had its years of individual history already, when the decision was made to release them as a suite. And each of them was quite complex on its own, even without considering integration with…

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Missing the forest for the trees

Understanding customer needs for being able to do good testing sounds like commonplace that doesn't need a special discussion. And testing projects often omit to discuss them indeed. Testing teams often start their project involvement with reading functional (or non-functional) specifications, skipping the customer view. I'm still mentioning it on the first place in the introduction of approaches to tackle testing complexity. (more…)

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How to test your OpenDJ plugin

A problem you might face while extending the OpenDJ functionality with a plugin is to develop proper unit tests. OpenDJ comes with a set of tools to facilitate the testing, but since they are tightly integrated within the build framework, you might find it difficult to execute your unit tests from outside of the framework. This article will try to give you short guidelines on how to integrate and execute your tests. (more…)

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Tackling complexity

Software complexity is one of the most significant challenges that a software tester may face. Testing software that is complex usually requires a breadth of knowledge and experience. The goal that the tester needs to accomplish with regards to complexity is: to test the software in a reasonable time and at a reasonable cost. As an example, think about ways to test upgrades of a database system with the following support matrix that gives altogether billions of combinations to test. Can this test scope be reasonably covered? Maybe. Let's see…

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Methodoligst vs. Terrorist

Do you know the joke? "What's the difference between a methodologist and a terrorist? Well, you can negotiate with a terrorist.". It was perhaps more true for terrorists of the 20th century than those of the 21th, but you get the point. We met a "methodologist" the other day and that gave me the impulse to write this blog. (more…)

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