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Posted 11 years ago by Gabor Puhalla

Software for life – that’s the slogan that we have chosen for our effort helping the Association of Voluntary Rescue Workers, Czech Republic (Asociace dobrovolných záchranářů Česká Republika, or ADZČR). That’s what we do, we help producing software for real life!

As the name suggests, ADZČR is an organization of voluntary rescue workers. They spread and promote knowledge of first aid, instruct providing first aid and intervene in extraordinary events, such as floods or other emergency situations. In short, they help saving lives.

We know ADZČR very well for years thanks to Marek Vinař, a friend and a former colleague of ours. We donated a vacuum rescue mattress to the association that should help all of their core activities in support of life rescue. While it is prepared for the occasion of extraordinary emergency events, it was used over 30 educational events already since the beginning of the year and the number is increasing every week. I’m glad, we are helping!

profiq sponzoring ADZČR

From left to right: Rasta, Marek, Gustav Sosnovec (chairman of ADZČR), Gábor, Lukáš Tláskal (vice-chairman of ADZČR)

Here is a link to the article (in Czech) that the ADZČR published about the official hand-over of the mattress that took place near to Svatošké Skály on May/11:

If you are interested in learning, how vacuum mattresses work, check it out on wikipedia. It is an interesting reading for people not familiar with technologies used in healthcare.

Gabor Puhalla

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