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This blog is intended for software system engineers, architects and managers or people generally interested in development, testing and integration of software systems. It is part of profiq’s community effort that has the objective of sharing knowledge and ideas about software system integration, testing and development. In addition to this technical content, we share updates about life at profiq.


RaspberryPi Automated Feeder

Having fun is the best way to learn.  Albert Einstein It all started two years ago when our colleague Petr brought his new Beta fish to the office. Before long, everyone knew how to care for the fish and the aquarium. Then, we bought a new tank, and a few months later, an even bigger one.  Fast-forward to Christmas 2020. Since our office closes for nearly two weeks, no one would be available to take care of the fish and the aquarium. So, we moved the fish to our older,…

3d print automation raspberrypi