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Posted 9 years ago by Gabor Puhalla

KarieraPlus jobfair is the biggest fair of its kind in the Czech Republic. About 100 companies from various industries presented themselves (±10 of them were from the field of IT) this year. About 5 000 visitors attended, interested in jobs of all kinds of industries. We are lucky that the fair takes place in Ostrava, the location of profiq’s Software Engineering Centre of Excellence. We decided to attend for the first time in the history.

We have put some thinking to the preparation and approached it with a sense for experiment. The attendance itself has been a satisfying experience. Here comes the picture of the team from the job fair. Could anyone resist flying with us?

Plenty of applicants came to our booth including students looking for part-time jobs and experienced professionals. 88 decided to take part of the short IT contest for the ticket to Silicon Valley. Numbers were not the most interesting part though. Personal discussions with applicants were. One of the sentiments that came up during these discussions stuck with me. Someone said: “Finally a software company in the region!” and continued explaining that there is a number of IT companies in the Ostrava region. While many of them manage software and hardware systems for their customers and many of them integrate existing software solutions on customer sites, just a few of them actually create new software products. We do just that!


David, the happy winner of the Ticket to Silicon Valley at profiq’s office

The debate with applicants continues even after the job fair. Partially for the sake of learning more about and from each other. Partially for the sake of addressing job opportunities that we have open in QA, development, sustaining and pre-sales engineering. Should you be interested, I encourage you to drop us an e-mail at [email protected]. You have a unique opportunity to work in the development lifecycle of innovative software products from Silicon Valley.  Be one of us and help us to bring software innovation to life!


Gabor Puhalla

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