OpenDJ (aka OpenDS) integration series of articles

Posted 13 years ago by Nemanja Lukic

Sun Microsystems merger with Oracle has created a gap not only in the identity market but also in the continuity of the Sun identity offerings. Once a market leader (and for the moment being still is), Sun Java System Directory Server (also known under many other marketing names such as SunONE and iPlanet) has uncertain future as the new pricing model (i.e. it is not getting any cheaper) puts the customers in a situation to look for the alternatives. What Sun thought of being it’s own open source alternative, OpenDS, does not have a very active development and the users keep asking what is the strategy of Oracle for the ex-Sun products as the roadmap has not been updated ever since the merger. Fortunately, a young Norwegian company called ForgeRock has taken on the task of reviving Sun’s open source offering and fill the gap created by Oracle. One of their products is OpenDJ, a living version of OpenDS.

OpOpenDJ aka OpenDSenDJ and OpenDS are essentially the same product which was developed by the same people who developed the original SJS Directory Server. As of the Oracle-Sun merger, the development team moved on to ForgeRock where they keep the development active. Although the maturity level of the product is quite high, the amount of information around it is not sufficient. Our goal at profiq is to start a series of articles on different aspects of integration of OpenDJ with other popular open source products and rise the awareness of this great product.

Nemanja Lukic

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