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Posted 9 years ago by Gabor Puhalla

Be welcome on profiq’s blog! Here comes a personal intro, in top of the general overview of the blog on the About page.

profiq is a system integration and system testing company that was established in 2010 and is owned by former Sun engineers. We enjoy working in system engineering and system testing, that’s why we ended up establishing a systems oriented company and that’s why we start to write this blog too – going a step beyond our regular business needs. So, who you will hear from:


Nemanja Lukic – Madrid
LDAP specialist and test engineer

Nemanja Lukic

Rasta Kanocz – Prague
system and test architect


Slavomir Katuscak – Prague
system and test engineer

Slavomir Katuscak

Gabor Puhalla – Prague
system engineering and test manager


Ladislav Folta – Nový Jičín
system and test engineer

Ladislav_software engineer_identity management

Jan Hájovský – Ostrava
system and test engineer

 Jan_software engineer_cloud applications.jpg

Pavel Balcárek – Nový Jičín
system and test engineer

Pavel_software engineer_access management.jpg

Petra Rydrychová – Ostrava
hr specialist


Ondřej Fuchsík – Ostrava
system and test engineer


Jakub Janoška – Ostrava
system and test engineer

Jakub_software engineer_web applications

Richard Hrúza – Prague
system and test engineer

Filip Vavera – Ostrava
system and test engineer

Filip_software engineer_developer tools

Miroslav Meca – Ostrava
system and test engineer


Michal Kalita – Ostrava
system and test engineer


Lukáš Trnka – Prague
marketing strategists

Petr Večeřa – Ostrava
system and test engineer


Petr Matěj – Ostrava
junior software developer


We hope, you will find our articles useful and as much as possible you will enjoy reading them! Especially, if: You are passionate about technology besides it being your job. You enjoy investigating how things work, besides understanding what they do. You don’t expect software to be perfect and you actually like exploring its qualities. You are motivated by learning and open to share. And last, but not least, technology or testing are not your only interest;)

We are looking forward to your feedback!

Gabor Puhalla

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