Entering the Valley

Posted 9 years ago by Gabor Puhalla

“Silicon Valley is more of a state of mind than a physical location. It has no large monuments, magnificent buildings or ancient heritage. There are no tours of companies or venture capital firms. From Santa Clara to South San Francisco it’s 45 miles of one bedroom community after another. Yet what’s been occurring for the last 50 years within this tight cluster of suburban towns is nothing short of an “entrepreneurial explosion” on par with classic Athens, renaissance Florence or 1920’s Paris.

(Hackers Guide to Silicon Valley by Steve Blank, 2011)

Silicon Valley is a symbol of entrepreneurial success for profiq too. profiq has been built on collaboration with agile, innovative companies in the Valley. We have been successfully developing this collaboration for the past years remotely from the Czech Republic. We are entering a new era after almost 5 years of existence, establishing an office right in the Valley!

Petr, Gábor (profiq), Jamie (The Office of Silicon Valley) and Rasta (profiq) in front of the office

We intend our sales and customer relation efforts to be centred in the heart of Silicon Valley and them to be supported by engineering offices in Central Europe, bringing necessary technical skills and engineering talent where it is most appropriate, to the Valley!

You can find us in Sunnyvale beginning with November/2014: 955 Benecia Ave, Sunnyvale, California 94085 and call us at: +1 (408) 962-1568. We are located in the facilities of The Office of Silicon Valley, a nice office and co-working place in Sunnyvale. It’s more than a professional, productive workspace. Bruce (Owner) and Jamie (Office Manager) are making it friendly and relaxed too.

One of the coffee/relax zones

Looking forward to having a coffee together in Sunnyvale:)

BTW, did you know that the term Silicon Valley was coined in the 70s and supposedly used publicly first in a weekly trade newspaper Electronic News. The region occupies roughly the same area as the Santa Clara Valley where it is centred, including San Jose and surrounding towns. See more on wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Silicon_Valley#Origin_of_the_term

Gabor Puhalla

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  1. Ludo says:

    Congratulations Guys !
    Always a pleasure to work with you.

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