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Posted 9 years ago by Gabor Puhalla

T-Mobile Czech Republic started testing VoLTE technology, that is IP telephony over LTE. A nice article was published about it in the Czech news (see [1] for an English summary). VoLTE should be generally available for customers from January!

Why should we care? Well, because it should make call connection faster and improve the audio quality too. Why do we care on this blog though? Well, because we contributed and continue contributing to implementation and testing 🙂


 Source: www.idnes.cz

Jan Průcha (first from left) and Jirka Štěrba (third from left) supported the delivery of T-Mobile’s VoLTE solution.

We are engaged on T-Mobile projects from early 2011, more than 3 years now. It is a rare occasion though that results of our work get to the news. Congratulations T-Mobile, congratulations VoLTE team, including people participating in profiq’s colors. Namely, Honza Průcha, Jirka Štěrba and Ondřej Schneider (who took care of a significant part of project management of this project, even though he didn’t make it to the picture). Are you interested in seeing BTW, how the first VoLTE call looked like? Just check it out!

Looking forward to hearing you in better quality from the next year!


[1] A Short article in English about T-Mobile introducing VoLTE.

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