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MovingFast Tech Podcast #12: Senior Research Manager – Docker – Dr. Erika Noll Webb Discusses UX and the Importance of Personalizing the User Journey

UX Researcher at Docker Erika Noll Webb

When a user has a problem or an issue, it might seem logical to stop the conversation and immediately jump in with a solution. However, this can prevent us from truly understanding the customer’s needs and getting a broader view of the issue at hand. Active listening is an important component of any job – including in the software industry.

We sat down recently with Dr. Erica Noll Webb, the senior research manager at Docker, to discuss the importance of customer-centric innovation and other timely topics related to her work.

Docker is a leading platform designed to help developers build, share, and run modern applications. Docker makes it easy to package an application into a portable container that can be deployed in any environment that supports Docker, such as a local machine, a virtual machine, or a cloud-based container platform like Kubernetes.

Here are some of the highlights of our podcast with Erika:

[1:20] Erika’s background
[4:18] How is Docker used differently by different-sized companies
[7:13] Understanding users
[11:33] How early-stage companies can use UX and research to gain insights affordably and quickly
[13:39] Listening to users
[18:23] Deciding new features and testing
[22:00] Personalizing the user journey
[25:47] Is AI affecting UX?
[31:44] Resources for user testing: blogs and podcasts

Listen to the podcast here

UX Resources:

Erika’s LinkedIn
Erika’s Website
Understanding Your Users: A Practical Guide to User Research Methods (Interactive Technologies)
Measuring U
What Customers Want

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